Infections and Immune Boosting: The Positive Effects of Bone Broth

There are certain items that capture the spirit and imagination of a health-conscious culture. Acai berry was one of them, and its health benefits are widely explored. But, other health items have been pushed aside or not fully explored.

Bone broth is one of them. It does not take a genius to speculate why bone broth is not at the top of the list in widely publicized superfoods. There is a lot of focus on organic and non-GMO items, not to mention the vegan movement. Bone broth can satisfy two of those demands. Au Bon Broth has product that is organic, as well as non-GMO. Now, consumers can fully dive into the many health benefits of this far too long underappreciated gem of health culture. Below is a rundown of the major Bone Broth Benefits, only now being fully explored and dissected in the mainstream.


Digestive Tract

Probiotics are used to clear out the digestive track. Only in recent years have scientists discovered how imperative the health of the intestines are to overall body health. Microorganisms can sit for years in the body. Probiotics push out old waste. Bone broth has the same effect with even more long-term results. The gelatin in the bone marrow of the bone broth will restore and protect the lining in the digestive track. This will allow the body to absorb more nutrients through the digestive tract wall, which limits bacteria growth. Probiotics can get rid of excess waste while bone broth can build up the walls to keep it at bay.

Recovering from Flu

Cysteine is an amino acid present in chicken bones. It is a particular acid that wonderfully fights off infections and flu-symptoms in the same vein that soup and other hot foods will help in fighting off the flu. The amino acid cysteine will thin mucus in the lungs. It also reduces its stickiness. This will improve breathing, which will directly impact one’s own health and prosperity. The bone broth will also boost the immunity and act as an anti-inflammation. Not only will it effectively fight off current colds, but it will stave off infections in the future.

Au Bon Broth has information available. The website covers not two, not four, but nine major health benefits of bone broth. The results are spectacular. The fact that the bone broth is organic and non-GMO is the icing on top that makes it a major superfood item moving forward.

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